Seven Mugs – Rock n' Roll from Helsinki

Seven Mugs on helsinkiläinen rock n' roll - bändi. Soitamme suurella sydämellä mm. Neil Young -, Doors-, Tom Petty -, Pink Floyd -, Beatles- ja Rollari-covereita... AINA ISOSTI!

Kalusto mitoitetaan sopivaksi keikkapaikan mukaan katusoitosta stadionille!

I always said that I would give my left hand if I´d have the voice of John Fogerty. Good Golly, we already have the voice of Fogerty right here in Helsinki! It belongs to Marc Aulén, the vocalist of a good ol´rock band by the name of Seven Mugs. And yes the way he sways and moves his arms would make Joe Cocker happy in his heavenly choir.

Petri Sarvamaa
Member of the European Parliament

Solisti Marcilla ja bändin pojilla oli asenne kohdallaan! Koska on kyseessä kunnon rokkibändi, musiikki ei sovellu taustamusiikiksi vaan on selkeä ohjelmanumero. Juhlatila kannattaa olla riittävän suuri, jotta bändikamat mahtuvat ja jää tilaa tanssia, sillä lattialle piti päästä rokkaamaan! Suosittelen lämpimästi kaikille rockin ystäville!

Arja Wiik
johdon assistentti, ASPA-säätiö

Seven Mugs have several times brought their entertaining show to our ship. They always offer sincere, big interpretations of yesterdays big hits. Helsinki has a huge amount of coverbands on offer, some good and some not so good but I can honestly recommend Seven Mugs to any venue in need of a rock n' roll band who really know their shit!

Juuso Karjalainen Majakkalaiva Relandersgrund, Helsinki

I happened to hear Seven Mugs play in bar in Lauttasaari, Helsinki and what a positive surprise it was! It was like going back in time to the sixties when we played the big arenas but with Seven Mugs as the supporting artist. The magnificent singer was charged with energy, they had well chosen songs and the band sounded bombastic. Thank you!

Kai Wallin
The Bassman (The Islanders, Jormas)

I've seen Seven Mugs and Marc on stage and I can highly recommend the band for any venue! Pure rock n´roll with hints of a Mick Jaggeresque rawness combined with the bands feelgood vibe. All you need to get the party started!

Varre Vartiainen
Leningrad Cowboys

I saw Seven Mugs play at a birthday party gig. They know how to rock peoples socks off! You won't be disappointed with their performance!

Kmax Nguyen
Beautician, London


Pistä Mugsien sometilit seurantaan, niin pysyt ajan tasalla keikoista!